hen you find someone that believes in you more than you believe in yourself, you know that you've found your other half



I OWE everything 


We've been together for seven years (and counting she makes sure I update this every year) and we share our hopes and passions each and every day. We discover wonderful places, things and people side by side and embrace each minute of our life together. She's the one who pushes me to achieve a better version of myself and for whom I do all the efforts and sacrifices.

I'm home whenever I'm with her

This is my Story

I'm from a magic town in souther Spain, called Granada.  I started a career as a journalist where I discover my passion for photography and visual arts. I tried for a while to make a living as a cinematographer but the job market in Spain took a big hit on 2008 when I graduated from college. 
I discovered a opportunity as cruise ship photographer to travel the world and make a living which allowed me to meet people from all over the world and discover so many different cultures. That's where I gain the ability to connect quickly with anyone and to cherish all the different ways of life in this amazing world. 

All changed when I met the love of my life with whom I decided to move to Mexico and begin my own business as a wedding photographer. At the beginning I struggle as every entrepreneur to make a living, but when you hit rockbottom you fight back. Step by step I flourish as a person, as a photographer and as a partner to my wife who supported me to follow my dream.

I'm humbled and honoured that you're considering me to capture all the love and joy of your wedding day. A wedding it's a special occasion because they unite people on a single moment that otherwise wouldn't meet together, that's the reason because each wedding it's magical. Often the wedding are called "the big day" but they're the beginning of big, richer, lifes. Big day, upon big day, upon big day. Forever


am also a friend, a Crossfit enthusiast, an animal lover, a vegan, a cinema geek 


a traveler