February 10, 2021

Why should you hire a travel agent for your destination wedding?

Reasons to hire a travel agent for your Destination Wedding

You and your partner might have travel a lot in the past but a destination wedding is a travel like no other you did before. Not so long ago when we wanted to travel we always looked for a travel agent to handle everything but then the internet happen and we all started to look for the best deal around to save some money. But doing everything on your own for your destination wedding  can be very stressful and you can end not saving much money by looking for the best deals.

For a lot of reasons a travel agent can be a time (and money) life saver, as you’ll learn when planning your destination wedding coordinating logistics for a group is not as easy as it seems.

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They have first-hand knowledge about locations, venues and vendors

As you could guess a main part of the job of a Travel agent is traveling, they do a lot of site inspections and has up-to-date information about the best venues to tailor your destination wedding experience according to your needs, budget, group size and vision. With hundreds of venues, vendors and locations for destinations weddings you might feel overwhelmed and relying on online reviews won’t help to plan the perfect destination wedding of your dream

They can help you tailor your experience

Maybe you’d love to have a boho inspired wedding, or you would like to plan an Indian destination wedding or maybe you’re thinking about a cruise wedding. Perhaps you’re a foodie and you’re looking for a gourmet experience or you want a chilled destination wedding. A travel agent has a broad experience and can help tailoring your needs to plan even your craziest dreams.

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They’ll get you the celebrity experience

Travel agents have good relationships with the hotels and venues so most of the times their clients gets complimentary upgrades and perks they won’t get otherwise. When a couple books a hotel and then tell their friends and family to book it on their own they’re actually losing money as a travel agent can negotiate a better deal for you. Also hotels and vendors will go the extra mile to deliver a dream experience to their clients. They’ll craft a memorable experience for you and your guest that they’ll remember for many years to come.

They know the gatekeepers

When it comes to a destination wedding you’ll probably have a ton of questions that they can help answer. They are always around the corner to help you with any need or emergency, in case that something goes wrong you can reach them to back you up immediately so there’s no need for you to hassle with the hotel or the airline. If you need to book a romantic dinner, an excursion for all your guest or an underwater photo shoot they’ll know with whom to connect you.

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They are actually… FREE

You won’t have to pay any fee to them and even they’ll offer a consultation without any compromise. My favorite travel agent if you’re planning an Indian destination wedding is Shaadi Destinations and in case that you’re planning a symbolic wedding you can reach out to Beachy Vows. They are both experts on delivering an outstanding customer service and they go above and beyond to ensure you get a 5 stars premium experience of the destination wedding of your dreams

Travel agents are a Must have for Destination weddings

Planning through a destination wedding is like planning a huge group vacation, but with the additional excitement of a wedding! There’s a lot of logistics involved and it can get super stressful, they turn all the experience into a stress free enjoyable vacation. You’ll get to enjoy quality time with your loved ones and have fun exploring an exciting location. They can get you covered through all your needs from a destination wedding photographer to a wedding planner so the only thing you have to worry about is to enjoy one of the most memorable weekends of your life

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Check with Shaadi Destinations and Beachy Vows for a free consultation so you can get your dream wedding tailored to your needs!


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