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How to create a hashtag for your indian destination wedding?


Wedding hashtags are a must in the new destination wedding scene, all thanks to the instagram rising popularity and the new social media apps. It’s indeed a fun touch for a destination wedding, adds a personal touch and helps your guest to interact in social media too.

The best destination wedding hashtags brings your guest together and help them interact in the digital world. Using an unique and original hashtag sets you apart from other couples so you don’t have to share it with other weddings.

Hashtag for your indian wedding

#AnvitaTiesTheNat was a fun hashtag for Anvita & Natesh Destination Indian Wedding


A hashtag will enable your wedding guests to upload posts to social media so you can find them also. This means that all of those photos that you may have missed can be found. You can save them to a collection on your Instagram account using the save post function. There is no time frame on accessing them either. When you come home from your honeymoon and log into Instagram, you can re-live all the lovely social posts from your wedding.

Your wedding guests can take a look at other guests images even if they aren’t connected on social media. They can discover posts of themselves and connect with other wedding guests easily. It adds a great ice-breaker to your wedding and it also leaves a footprint of your wedding as you can access it at any point in the future

Even if you’re doing an unplugged destination wedding you can still benefit from a hashtag as your guest can upload pictures of their tours, pool parties, wedding selfies and your destination wedding photographer can use it to tag your pictures so you have all the social media footprint in a single place.

Indian destination wedding in cancun


How you want to use your wedding hashtag is totally up to you but is always a good idea to get on everyone’s radar early on. You can include it on your invites, social media posts, wedding website (if you’re using one) bachelorette party and you can also encourage your guest to use it when shopping, traveling or doing something that could be relevant to you.

You could use the hashtag for your decor, some banner or even include it on your photo booth if you’re using one. I also love when couples include their hashtag in their Mehndi design on indian destination weddings. Of course some couples would rather go unplugged so everyone can actually live on the moment, you can use a sign with the hashtag to encourage everyone to put away their phone and to remind them to snap few pictures on the reception.

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1- Use a wedding hashtag generator

In my opinion it can be a good start point if you’re doing the hashtag yourself, you put the names and surnames of each wedding party and it gives you few options that can inspire you. Most of the times is not as creative as if a human is actually doing it.

2- Use a wedding hashtag professional writer

Yes! Believe or not there’s professional hashtag writers. One of the most used services is The Wedding hashers, for an affordable rate they can give you some pun and fun hashtags to choose. This is a good option if you don’t want to think much about it as they’re good in what they do.

3- Do it Yourself!

Probably the most satisfying as you can get your couple, friends and family involved in the brainstorming process! Here’s few tips to help you:

Make it Personal, Make it Memorable

Do use your names or last names to make it easier to people to find you and create something unique. You can also use your nicknames or initials if it helps to create an unique hashtag. Don’t you like using your names? You can also include how you met, pet names, hobbies, locations, etc

If is something memorable it will make it easier for your guest to remember it so think on something catchy that your guest can easily remember.


indian wedding, hindu wedding, sikh wedding

Make it easy to spell

If you make a hard to pronounce hashtag it will likely end up with people not using it, so if your last name is complicated try to replace it with something catchy that will help the guest remember. Keep it short and snappy, avoid super long hashtags as they could end up misspelled making you miss those precious posts.

Make sure isn’t already taken

Take the time to do an instagram and google search to make sure that your hashtag hasn’t been already used by other couple. If it has you will end up mixing weddings with that other couple which is not good for either of you!

Don’t get too Dated

If you use a meme or something from the popular culture it will likely age badly, maybe it doesn’t even make it to your wedding date! So try to use something related to you that will always be original and unique.

Pun intended

Everyone loves a pun! If you can use a fun hashtag it will likely check all the needs as it will be memorable, unique, personal and timeless! Of course a pun is not something for every couple so make sure you feel comfortable with the hashtag you select for your destination wedding.


indian destination wedding, sikh destination wedding, hindu destination wedding



If you’re in the process of planning your destination wedding in Cancun, Los Cabos, Jamaica, Punta Cana or any other exotic location, do yourself a favor and think on a cool hashtag! It will make your life so easier. In the end a wedding is something personal and every wedding is different and unique so a hashtag will add another touch of personalization to it.

As a destination wedding photographer I see a lot of real hashtags each year so I will love to give you my feedback or even help you to create something cool! Do you have your hashtag already? Share it in the comments!!

I hope this helped you to create your destination wedding hashtag!

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How to create a hashtag for your indian destination wedding?

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