There's a story behind every photo. My goal is to capture images that tells a much bigger story and take you back to the emotions and feelings of that day. 

Every moment is memorable to me


"Federico, we can get enough of these pictures. I look at them every time I have a bad day." Avani

If you want to be different 


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What are the dreams for your wedding? Don't be afraid to dream big because when your dreams are big, mine will be bigger. I would love to hear about your plans, hopes and vision. Tell me all about your dreams and I will see how I can frame them.

Follow your dreams one step at a time and I will be there by your side to capture how you enjoy them. Each wedding is unique and I'm proud to create unique and breathtaking images for each of my couples

You need your Personal Photographer

I will see every tear, capture every hug, watch your first dance and be by your side when you share your firsts moments as husband and wife

I will stand nearby when your new life chapter begins, I will be there to capture all the real moments that you will share with your family and friends

You need someone who feels like a friend, behave like a professional and can move in your inner circle like family

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