During our sessions, I strive to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, allowing you and your loved ones to showcase your true selves and genuine connections. My work not only captures your beauty with a fashion perspective but also the confidence and self-assurance you naturally radiate, ensuring that every frame reflects the essence of your authentic story. Together, let's paint a portrait of cherished memories that will stand the test of time and make your heart smile.

unforgettable shots.

Real connections

With over 15 years in the photography industry and a background in film and advertising, my cinematic approach will infuse your images with a touch of magic and emotion worthy of a blockbuster. My extensive knowledge of Hindu weddings and their traditions ensures no detail will go unnoticed, creating an enchanting visual tale that transcends time. Let's craft your unforgettable story together, painted with expertise and love.

passion, everytime.


The secret to capturing spontaneous moments is having my camera ready, every minute, every second. I firmly believe that a photograph of a genuine moment holds immeasurable value, and that's the kind of memory I aim to give you: priceless and treasured. Let's paint your story together with authenticity and love.

to seize
the magic.


At each wedding, we arrive with a proactive attitude and smiles on our faces. Nothing can deter us because we understand that this day is the most important one for you, regardless of how it may be for us: your happiness is our top priority.

smiling team.

The unwavering

While my passion for photography is evident, there's more to me than meets the eye. I share my home with four adorable dogs and my partner in Cancun. I seize every opportunity to travel and immerse myself in different cultures, art, fantastic literature, history, and music.

the lens.


My goal is to present your photos as an authentic expression of that special day, bursting with vitality and color beyond what memory can offer. My unique style guarantees images that stand the test of time, allowing you to cherish them forever, reliving cherished memories eternally. Let's create something magical together.


Vibrant, colorful,

My style is deeply rooted in documentary and journalistic approaches, expertly curated to transport you back in time, seamlessly reliving every emotion and joy from your special day. Each image tells a unique story, and my unwavering mission is to passionately immortalize those authentic, heartfelt moments, ensuring they remain etched in the sands of time forever.

with an artistic touch.

Genuine moments

A love woven in the colors of tradition and blis.

embrace the magic within

Where stories unfold:

We do not even know where to start with your kind, kind, kind services and team! Thank you so much for capturing the most perfect weekend with my now husband and my lovely family and friends. Fede, you and your team are amazing souls and if I could do this all over again- I would pick you to capture every moment along the way! 

 are amazing to work with

You and your team

Shivani + Tapas
Hard Rock Riviera maya

 We can say with full confidence that they are the absolute best team ever. They are overflowing with creative juices - watching them come up with new ideas on the spot is so rewarding - they really make you feel like they’re trying to capture your vibe in a unique way.  They will work tirelessly long hours to capture every important moment, and most of all - they are super friendly. We spent more time with the photo/video team than we spent with anyone else during our wedding week - just with all of the photo shoots

we were hanging out with our close friends

We truly felt like

Ektaa + MAitrey
Royalton Cancun

From the very first interaction with him, we knew he was the right choice for us to work with. He is so knowledgeable about the Indian culture and wedding process that he was giving us advice on timing and ceremonies that we hadn’t though about ourselves! He is kind and friendly and approachable and never afraid to share his personal opinions on poses or locations for photos.

the most crucial and phenomenal vendor

Federico was probably

grand palladium costa mujeres


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